Long Distance Relocation

As a licensed long distance carrier, Adam’s Moving and Hauling offers a moving option which is specifically designed to meet your relocation needs. The option is called SPACE RESERVATION which is the most economical and affordable way to move.
Under this option, you pay for the space that your shipment will occupy on the truck. In order to calculate the space used on the truck, Adam’s Moving and Hauling uses a method called Table of Measurements adapted from the American Moving & Storage Association and tailored to meet your needs.



For your benefit and protection, we offer a “GUARANTEED NOT TO EXCEED” contract which is a binding contract based on distance between the locations and the articles that you will be moving.
Another option which is available is EXCLUSIVE USE OF A VEHICLE. This service is for customers who prefer to have their shipments transported by itself. Adam’s Moving and Hauling will deliver “exclusively” for you. After you feel secure with the option you have selected and the access to the locations are verified, you may enter into an agreement.
In order to avoid any complications during the course of business with Adam’s Moving and Hauling, it is important to notify your sales representative of problematic situations such as long carry, vehicle access and walk-ups that will exceed a second floor. Any circumstances that are not within the realm of a normal relocation will need to be factored into the price.
Adam’s Moving & Hauling will supply you with a booklet that contains your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move in accordance with the Federal Highway Administration or link to¬†http://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/factsfigs/rights.htm. When making a decision to move, it is important to find a reputable company that abides by the federal law and provides you with factual information on your relocation.

This honest and quality service makes us Adam’s Moving & Hauling.